Anong hinahanap ni Daniel Padilla sa babae?
Hold me like you’ll never let me go 

He took my hand before I could leave, “What about Korea?”, he locked his weary, pleading eyes with mine, “Didn’t you put another padlock in South Korea?

Yes, yes I did." I breathed.

Anonymous: as a daniel padilla fan, what's your opinion on the scandal?

uhmmm well of course I will stand by Daniel no matter what but, i’m not necessarily okay with what he did.

Honestly, i didn’t care about the fact that he was texting Jasmine. Just because he has a girlfriend, doesn’t mean that he can’t text other girls (obviously only friendly texts) It’s the whole “Si Kath lang talaga”

I got mad because he said that he got feels when he was texting the other girl.and he pretty much ruined his credibility. He said in that interview that “Eh lalake ako eh” THAT IS NOT AN OKAY EXCUSE TO HURT THE GIRL YOU SUPPOSEDLY LOVE?

Daniel was/is very vocal about how he feels about Kath, that’s why he said “Si Kath lang talaga” pero dapat hindi sya nagsalita ng tapos. Sure, madaming babae ang mas maganda kay kathryn, kaya di maiiwasan na tumingin sa iba, pero it’s different when you start feeling something for another person (kinikilig daw sya kay Jasmine)

But i am a fan of his and this is one of those situations where your devotion really gets tested. Just because you are a fan of his doesn’t mean you have to be okay with everything he does, all I’m saying is, I still love him AND IF KATH CAN FORGIVE HIM, IM SURE THE FANDOM CAN TOO


In this quick interview, I noticed how he said random stuff to the interviewer at first, but I know he knew that he’s going to be asked about that controversial viral audio. I noticed how he tries to laugh in between what he had to say, I noticed his deep breaths and how broken he was through his eyes. I knew he was breaking down inside, but what made him draw up so much strength in taking the interview was the hand he was holding. Her hand wrapped in his, is sort of like a way of saying, “Kaya mo yan, nandito lang ako.”

Daniel, I hope you know you’re one lucky bastard.

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Kath working out.